10-11 лет

1.Spiderman’s jeans _____ blue.
2.Homer is ______ .
3.How old are you?
4.Rapunzel has got _______ hair.
5.On Saturdays Batman ______ .
6.The man is fishing with his _______.
7.The boy is _________ a fish.
8.There are two birds flying ________ the river.
9.There aren’t ______ people in the office.
10.There is Mini Mouse _____ the bed.
11.There is a helicopter on the cupboard _______ the desk.
12.There is a _____ on the desk.
13.I ___________ to visit Disneyland next year.
14.Cinderella didn’t _____ the car.
15.Lisa _____ a delicious ice-cream last Sunday.
16._________ that man in the red hat?
17.My mother and father like movies, _____ favourite movie is Harry Potter.
18.Has _____ in your class got a horse?
19.London is ______ than New York.
20.Paris is the ____________city I’ve ever seen.