12-13 лет

1.Spiderman’s favourite sport ________ tennis.
2.It’s a beautiful morning. The sun _______ and it was very warm.
3.“What ______ for a living?” “He’s a singer.”
4.George _______ to work hard but he does now.
5.This is the ________ phone I’ve ever seen. How much did it cost you?
6.If she ________, I’ll go on my own.
7.Jonathan and Fred ________ a cup of latte at the moment.
8.Mum asked me how long _________ for her.
9.How long are you here for?
10.I think I ______ for you here. I just can’t go on walking!
11.There must be _________ coke in the fridge.
12.Julie ________ to San Francisco for three times.
13.Andrew has been painting _______ 2003.
14.How _______ honey do you need?
15.If I _______ rich, I’d buy a yacht.
16.Rainforests _________down and the trees are used to make paper.
17.I wanted _________but I didn’t know what to do.
18.Daniel works long hours, ___________?
19.He cleaned the carpets after he _________finished his lunch.
20.By next week, I _________ the kitchen and the living room.