14-15 лет

1.Iphone 5 costs $400, Iphone 6 costs $600. Iphone 5 is_____ than the 6th one.
2.I’d rather go out for dinner tonight than _______ dinner at home.
3.My cousin_______ his holidays with us next summer.
4.By this time next year, Jane _______ Spanish for two years.
5.Let’s go shopping, _______?
6.Alice won’t be able to buy that Ipad_______ she saves some money.
7.Rachel ________ be in a hospital. I just talked to her and she said she was at home.
8.Mary works _______ a nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital.
9.John is soaking wet because he____________ in the rain.
10.If you had studied harder, you __________ the entrance exams.
11.I wish I _________ at Mike. He’s not talking to me now.
12.I don’t think there is ________ cheese left.
13.________ he is rich, he never spends any money for the parties.
14.Do you remember _______a new Twilight film?
15.The authorities ___________ rebuilding the houses.
16.Dogs are very loyal pets. ___________, they can guard your property.
17.It’s no use ________ the hedges cut until next month.
18.Her hair is not _________ Catherine’s.
19.I’m not sure ________ David lives.
20.You ________ me!