16-17 лет

1.Could you tell me your surname?
2.She ________ get a job as a dentist. She loves children!
3.“I love going to the beach.” “ ________”
4.By the time the rain stopped, we ________ two pots of coke.
5.We’re going to the cinema________a new Twilight film.
6.You have a pet,_________?
7.If you had studied more, you ___________ the exam.
8.He can’t decide who _________ to his birthday party.
9.I tried on two pairs of trousers, but _________ of them fitted me.
10.He’s tired. He _______ properly for days.
11.If I had a bigger flat, I ____________ a party.
12.He _______ be famous. I’ve never heard of him.
13.I have _________ received a letter from my pen-friend.
14.When I opened the door, there wasn’t_________ there.
15.I live in the city, so I__________ busy traffic.
16.When I buy a new house, I________ every room myself.
17.We must run to the cinema. The film ________in five minutes.
18.It’s no use ________about the exam results. You’ll know soon enough.
19.He was dirty because he_________ in the garden.
20.We live in _________large block of flats.